We’ve always been told that playing with food is a bad thing… But when it comes to Yum Tang, we just want to see more!

The Visual Designer and FoodPhotographer presents a series in which she combines 2 of her passions : food-shooting and travelling. Through « Food is doing surreal things in the desert », she creates unique compositions with surrealist concepts such as swimming in the desert with apples or bringing the desert inside a house.

The series have been captures in a ghost town in the Namib Desert in southern Namibia.

« This is also the first time I filmed a landscape theme. I do not like to shoot landscapes because landscapes are created by nature. The scenery is there, anyone can take it, everyone can take it …But if I take a picture of food, that must be because the scenery has food ».

A stunning series combining of urbex and fashion style with a unique approcha… we can’t wait to see more series of this Chinese artist !