A new invitation to resplendent landscapes in the small seaside town of Banff located in the national park of the same name.

The photographic series of Kai Yan makes us discover this region in which the atmosphere is metamorphosed according to the two predominant seasons.
From October to June, snow and ice cover the landscape while summer lasts from July to September.
The cold and intense atmosphere of winter weather becomes warmer when the rays melt the snow to make way for sunny days, the autumn is fleeting and lets the trees turn orange for a moment before being covered with snow with the arrival sudden winter.

We discover in this series a luxuriant nature, a gigantic world around the lakes in which are reflected the mountains of the Rockies which dominate the horizon. The wooded park shelters a wild environment and shelters a varied fauna like elk or grizzly bears.

This series magnifies this place and makes us take a great breath of fresh air.

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