Flore Maquin is a 29 year old artistic director in film and television. She studied a BTS in animation and local tourism management, then a bachelor in artistic direction. « We can believe that these two diplomas are not linked, but it was during my BTS in tourism that I started to learn graphic design. » she says. « I chose tourism by default. I had no idea what to do. It was during these two years of BTS that I started to discover graphic design, because we had to produce tourist brochures. After this BTS, I joined the bachelor in artistic direction of Sup de Pub Lyon. » she continues.

Flore became passionate about art and graphic design thanks to her mother, as she explains : « My mum always showed me and my brother how to be creative in any situation. How to create a clothe, a furniture, a design … I grew up in this creative atmosphere, always thinking about how to create something by myself. (…) With graphic design, everything is possible and that’s what I love. I think graphic design is a new form of art. The brush turned into a stylus and graphic tablet. »

It was in 2015 that Flore started to make portraits in digital painting. « I was a chief graphic designer at the Institut Lumière in Lyon. I wanted to develop a new skill and as I liked to paint and draw on paper, I wanted to combine that with graphic design. As I am quite comfortable on computer, digital painting allowed me to draw drawings faster (on Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign). And it must be admitted, the advantage is to be able to make mistakes and go back ad infinitum, which is very practical, unlike painting on canvas. » she tells us.

Her favorite fields are cinema, films and pop culture. « I make portraits of movie characters that I liked. It’s a way for me to say « I liked this character or this movie ». When I made my first portraits, I realized that many people liked to see their favorite characters from another angle. I love pop culture and I’m one of those people who love to see new creations around their favorite characters. » she tells us. « I like to tell something through my drawings. I try to stick with the atmosphere of the film and not just make a drawn portrait. I need to tell something behind. It is important. » she tells us.

Regarding hers sources of inspiration, the artist draws on everything around her, paintings, drawings, but also in his library filled with books of movie posters, vinyls, illustrations, design, photos… « Oddly, I don’t really get inspired by other things. » she adds.

Film lovers, but not only, discover her portraits on her Instagram account. Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction, Natalie Portman alias Mathilda Lando in Léon, Joaquin Phoenix in Joker… You will love it !