Ertan Atay is a creative director in advertising sector who lives in Istanbul, in Turkey.

Ertan has always been interested in art. « Especially in painting. I started to draw at an early age. But after my high school years, I completely stopped drawing by hand and started to do all my drawings and designs on the computer. » he tells us.

It’s in 2017 that Ertan started his Instagram account called « failunfailunmefailun ». « I wanted to reflect my own feelings with my creations on my account. I wanted to contribute to life not only as an audience but also as a producer/creator. » he explains to us.

Let’s discover his collages mixing different elements in different centuries below. Quentin Tarantino into a Michelangelo’s piece of art, Mona Lisa, Frida Kahlo and Vermeer’s Young Woman with a Pearl Necklace into a Friends TV show scene, The Kiss of Klimt into an iconic black and white photography, Van Gogh into a modern fashion photography…  « The most important part is finding the idea. You have then to find a link between your collaged images, persons or objects into your creation. » he says.

His artworks are fun, surprising, sometimes weird, sometimes hilarious. « I am happy to make many people from different countries of feel the same thing. » he finally tells us.