For 40 years, it is an artist chosen by the French tennis federation who has produced the poster for the famous Roland Garros tournament.
The artist, Pierre Seinturier , born in Paris in 1988 and graduated from the Ecole nationale supérieure des Decorative Arts, composed the work of the tournament for the year 2020.

“The conviction of the French Tennis Federation is that there is a very strong link between sport and culture, between sporting emotion and artistic emotion, between sporting gestures and cultural expression. Sport, like culture, experiences its greatest emotions when the codes of sports aesthetics are broken to be reinvented, “said Jean-François Vilotte, Director General of the FFT.

Roland Garros Poster © Pierre Seinturier

Pierre Seinturier gives privileged and intimate access to a daily scene of court preparation.
Protagonists work on the quality of the legendary clay before the Grand Slam matches. The artist wanted to highlight these actors who also make the history of this sport and the universe of this tournament.
In the foreground, the vegetation, reminiscent of that of the greenhouses of the Simonne-Mathieu court, opens a window on this intimate moment.

“Seeing the court in a plant universe magnifies our vision of the Stade Roland Garros. This is undoubtedly what is called the artistic gaze. “Said Bernard Giudicelli, President of the French Tennis Federation.

© Christophe Guibbaud

In the spotlight for a month and watched around the world, Roland Garros is a very famous tennis tournament.
Until then, the artist, who was only a viewer, had a very superficial approach to the tournament. It was while attending the 2019 edition that he discovered the real spectacle of Roland Garros, with unique moments that are experienced within the stadium.
He worked on its realization by capturing the essence of the very singular universe of the tournament and transcribed it to allow us to capture the emotion.

© Nicolas Gouhier

© Christophe Guibbaud