The Desert X biennial is back in 2020 with the Desert X AlUla exhibition.
It brings together 14 contemporary artists in the Al-‘Ula region located in the northwest of Saudi Arabia and can be discovered until March 7, 2020.
Born of a collaboration with the royal commission of Al-‘Ula, it is part of a Saudi Arabia’s desire to revive its cultural heritage.

This desert biennial was designed to produce international exhibitions of contemporary art that activate deserts through installations by artists from around the world.
Desert X AlUla is the first such exhibition in Saudi Arabia. It allows an exploration of the culture of the desert as well as an intercultural dialogue between artists from Saudi Arabia, surrounding regions and artists from previous exhibitions (such as Desert X in California).

All the information on the artists and the different works of the exhibition can be found here .

Crédit photos : Lance Gerber