Fill Ryabchikov is a Russian artist who works on digital for his creations. Self-taught graphic designer and illustrator, he produces various creative series inspired by urban and futuristic inspirations in bright colors.

Two series “street views” allow a first glimpse of his work. Different characteristics are inevitable since one takes place at night and the other during the day.
At night, the colors come from the use of urban lighting and in particular neon lights. The artist presents himself as a neon lover and this trend is identified in all of his work.

However, he moved away from urban lighting by creating daytime series to represent certain places in his city: Saint Petersburg. He builds this production by playing with sunlight and always creates an atmosphere with bright colors.

His creation process differs from one realization to another, sometimes coming from a snapshot taken with his phone which he then reworks with digital tools.

Other creative works are to be discovered on his website.