Alex, known as « one_speg » on Instagram, is a graphic designer who lives in Athens, in Greece. « I used to be a graffiti artist for almost half of my life. But I got interested in graphic design at some point. So i learned by myself how to design custom typography in Illustrator. » he tells us.

Moody dark backgrounds and a source of light to break that dark vibe and catch the eye of the viewer… That’s how we describe the artworks of this artist we can discover on his Instagram account. « I’m obsessed with the antithesis of darkness and light. I try to incorporate it in my artworks. Most of the times, the light source is represented through neon lights words/phrases. It’s the perfect way to spread a message to the viewer. I like catchy words, viewers can identify with them if they remember to them an emotion, a feeling or a mood. » he explains to us.

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