On October 6, 2018, the Tsukiji fish market, located in central Tokyo, closed down permanently. Since it was completely demolished, this iconic place, once considered as the biggest fish market in the world, has completely disappeared, but has not been forgotten. Artists of the immersive photographic studio Futures Cities, Ruben Fro, Cody Ellingham and SJF, respectively 3D creator, photographer and sound artist, have created a tribute short film, which takes the audience back to the heart of the place. Thanks to technology, hundreds of photographs they shot and archive images, the project “Memories of Tsukiji” offers a second virtual life to the famous market and its effervescence, the time of a day.

“Memories of Tsukiji” will be held at the ARTnSHELTER gallery in Tokyo, from December 5 to 8.

Images : © Future Cities : Ruben Fro / Cody Ellingham / SJF.