As we announced a few weeks ago, HP has partnered with Fubiz to highlight the products that make up its Z range with the creative community. We then introduced the work of digital artist Vincent Viriot which had highlighted the ZBook X360, the Z4 workstation and their features.

We present today the work of video artist Julie Rohart, who made a short video mixing dance and mime with dancer Mansour Abdessadok. It has highlighted some features of the ZBook X360 and Z6 workstation, which are found in the movements of the dancer and the camera.

Let’s start with the flexibility, which has been enhanced by 180 ° camera movement and choreography work with the steadycamer to create 180 ° movements or to pass under the particular tubes. Power has been represented by slowmotions, fastmotions and dynamic dance moves. Julie Rohart has chosen to express the creative freedom that these two HP products allow by “mime” movements from the beginning of the video and by the character who “wakes up” and is free to move as he wishes.

To reveal more about her world and her experience using the ZBook X360 and HP’s Z6 workstation, the director played the cross-interviewer game.

Can you introduce yourself and describe your creative world in a few words?

I am a screenwriter and director of music videos, pubs, live recordings and fiction. I like above all to put forward characters, destinies, emotions … I make films to communicate and create a connection with the public. It’s my way of communicating with the world.

You’ve just imagined 1 video featuring the following 2 HP products: ZBook X360 and Workstation Z6. How was the take-over for the creation of this video?

The mobility of the ZBook X360 helped me a lot in my first research. This is the longest part of my job: finding an idea and inspirations. And usually we do not choose when inspiration comes! Have the opportunity to always have the X360 in my bag, take it out, look for images on the internet, write a scenario and then turn it into a tablet to draw some ideas of plans. This has been a real creative medium and a huge time saver. It also allows me to easily communicate in full creative meeting with the team and the artist.
The Z6 workstation has been a beast of power for editing / calibration. Extremely stable, it is a very reliable mounting station in addition to being compact compared to my current station.

In your opinion, what are the major assets of these two products for creatives? How do Z help you be more productive? More creative?

The combination of the HP ZBook X360’s computing power, touchscreen and partnership with BANG & OLUFSEN for sound quality makes it the ideal partner for the everyday mobility of a creative. We can go from the 4K editing on Davinci Resole to the script annotation with the HP stylus folding the ZBook X360 on itself. No need to have several tools in your bag. It’s an all in one. As a creative, when I do not have to worry about the technical aspect of the material, I leave much more free to my creativity.

The HP Z6 takes full turn when I’m back from shooting, it’s a monster of power and stability. No need to wait to enjoy a video rendering, again it makes the HP ZBook X360 fall technical barrier.

Can you present us with three features of each product that you wanted to highlight in your creations?

For the HP ZBook X360, the touch function with the Wacom stylus, the power by including the sound power of the device BANG & OLUFSEN and the aspect 100% mobile / all in one (360 °).
For the HP Z6, the compact design, the power of calculation / rendering and ability to manage multitasking.

If you had to summarize your work in one sentence, what would it be?

Dance, symbol of free and powerful creativity.