Lucas Cerri is a French photographer and musician from Cannes. Constantly needing to create, discover new places, new personalities and different environments, he constantly moves to find inspiration.This constant desire to explore and create images leads him to create poetic and eclectic photographs sometimes wild, sometimes shifted, always advocating freedom.

He tells us more about his background and his relationship to photography and art in general:

What brought you to photography ?

As a musician, I always sought the inspiration in the films which rocked me, in original places, environments …
Over time, the images came to mind in addition to the melodies, so I bought a first price DSLR, I started taking landscapes and my parents cocker, furry but effective model. I took a liking to it, then a regular practice came in and my camera became an extension of my body and mind.

From staging to landscapes to nudes … your creativity has no limit. Authentic, poetic, and sometimes nostalgic images in which we always notice a particular relationship to the body. How did you find your style and how would you describe it?

I found my style by trying many different things, traveling a lot, meeting people with totally different personalities, I was able to analyze my attractions and my repulsions in life, and therefore indirectly in photography too.
I became confident in myself and in the path I was walking on making mistakes and persevering.
Over time, I stopped wanting to make the perfect product.
Just with a camera, my brain and my eyes, I learned the importance of paying attention to the environment that surrounds me, to feel the different energies that emanate from beings, to play with light and shadows, but above all keep your eyes awake, like a child always amazed.
Arrived at this stage, we no longer make the work please others, but we like it to ourselves.
My style can be characterized by an expression of deep emotions.
I must admit to having great sensitivity, an essential quality for an artist, but a real poison in the personal life.
Many of my photos are a reflection of a current situation in my life. Sometimes nostalgic or even dramatic, but sometimes unusual or funny. The feeling of freedom is present on most of my photos because it is the most important to me.

You also use film photography, for what type of photos do you prefer this medium? 

The driving force that pushed me to switch to film is undoubtedly the beauty of imperfection, to have an inaccurate reflection of reality, which gives this poetic aspect.
And I like this poetry, which is simply the subjective reporting of a situation.
In fact, physically capturing a moment on film is crazy.
It’s not just a medium, but a way of thinking that leads us to be a certain version of ourselves.
Choose uncertainty as a challenge, because nothing is more boring than life in comfort and safety.
It is also where I understood that it is not worth having the latest equipment to be able to do wonders.
So to answer the question, I use my film almost all the time. My 5D has been taking dust for months.

What are your next projects ?

Continue to constantly create and discover new things.
Make me expose in trendy places and enjoy the petits fours.
The logical art suite would be to link the music to the photo, so according to my scientific calculations, it would be video.