Based in Budapest, the photo-journalist, artist, designer and visual storyteller Milan Radisics shares a new series: Sur/Real Lands. As a part of Water.Shapes.Earth (which has 23 chapter), Sur/Real Lands also stand as a separated series. These incredible phorographs were taken during the last couple of days of 2018, in the most arid regions of Spain. As he was working on Water.Shapes.Earth, traversing the hilly countryside of Spain near Zaragona and Toledo, Radisics acknowledged dried out streams, that had become farmland. His drone offering him a new perspective on it, he then immortalized it. The result shows an incredible series of aerial photos, that amazingly looks like abstract paintings.

They are landscapes with no horizon. The aerial perspective flattens the topography onto a plane, thus reinterpreting the landscape. Hills become patches and the slopes in between become lines, drawing map-like traces along the surface, which seems like a painter’s canvas. Time and space are suspended, and it is up to the beholder to decide what they are seeing – one-million-year-old geology, Surrealism from the early twentieth century, Mankind’s everyday struggle, or a prediction of future droughts”, he explains.