Through The Daily Board, Romain Hurdequint highlights the work of artists around skateboarding and art in the world. After the publication of his book Skate Art, Skate, he expanded the project around the edition of skateboards. With Paul Daubié and Chloé Chandioux, he sets up Inking Board, a series of exhibitions where skateboarding and tattoo art are gathered. «  The exhibition then presents the costumed boards entrusted to tattoo artists. « ‘Inks skate wood as you do on the skin ‘, this is the only instruction given to artists-tattooers. »

“À âmes égales” by Pas de Veine

“Amour, Skate & Tattoos skate artwork” by Grom Tattooer

A first edition in January 2019 allowed 17 tattoo artists to create a work from 2 skateboards. An exhibition that pushed artists beyond their comfort zone by challenging them on another medium. The wood absorbing much the painting, the tattooers had to be strategic in order to obtain an optimal rendering. The exhibition is not only pushing the limits of creativity, but also highlighting the graphic wealth of the world of tattooing. “ From the irezumi, to the traditional (…), the styles and renderings were as varied as they were fascinating. Tattoo artists have had 4 months to create their works. Moreover, most spent more than 30 hours refining their boards. “

“Après-midi OKLM skate artwork” by SIDE

“Blooming In The Moonlight” by Mathias Bugo

“Battle Royal” by Marc Bonz

After the success of the first Inking Board at Superposition Lyon, a resonance of this exhibition took place in the eco-district Darwin of Bordeaux in July 2019. An innovative initiative that combines two complementary creative worlds, and a real pleasure for the eyes … we can not wait for the third edition!

“Sherkhan” by Carlito

“SK-RB” by Gladys To Meet You

“Send Nudes” by Quentin Aldhui

Images Credit : Carlos OLMO & Donatien Gnakli ZÉBI