Cardin Julien designed the reception pavilion for the new Mille-Îles River Park’s multifunction center in Laval, Québec, close to Montréal.

The building has many windows and was built with great environmental awareness. The project aims for a LEED NC 2009 level GOLD certification, water-saving was made through the use of rainwater, and the economy energy is at the heart of building design by the performance of the building envelope and the integration of plants (roofs and walls).

«In order for the project to integrate seamlessly into its environment, the use of wood was recommended for the building’s exterior. This material, which can also be found inside the building, fosters a warm environment and allows a connection between visitors and the nature around them. In addition, the structure was built in such a way that it preserves the mature trees growing on-site», we learn in the press release.

Credits: David Boyer