Marius Svaleng Andresen lives in Oslo in Norway. He studied journalism and works as a copywriter plus as a freelance photographer.

Since he started photography about 8 years ago, he shots mostly street photography. « I like pictures that can communicate aesthetics, quirkiness or emotions, as well as a mix of those qualities. For me, photography is about composition and emotions. I believe this can be conveyed through candid portraits of strangers as well as architecture. I appreciate both street photography and urban geometry, which can give both myself and the viewer a better understanding of our surroundings. It’s about making sense of the world as well as curate details about a city that are easily ignored. » he tells us.

In the future, Marius would like to work more project-based with photography and combine his background as a journalist with photography in photojournalism. In the meantime, let’s discover his artwork presented on his Instagram account called « Lekestove » !