Kirill Voronkov is a photographer who comes from Perm in Russia. He is a content creator and full-time music producer. He never studied art or photography. « I’m just really fascinated by photography and editing, so I taught all that myself. » he tells us.

Kirill started to photograph 5 years ago. « I was heavily inspired by my friend Jeka Shohirev (@jekashohirev on Instagram). You should really check his profile out ! » His Proust Madeleine ? Miminal no-frills places. « Today, we are drowning in the sea of visual garbage. It’s everywhere : wires, billboards, antennas, all kinds of advertising, etc etc… It’s too much. I feel myself much more freely when I’m in a place with nothing around, and I think that relates to minimalistic photography too. By extracting all the unnecessary details, and leaving in the frame only the things that matter, you create a powerful effect. Imagine two people, one who is blabbering all the time, and one who doesn’t talk a lot, but says meaningful things. Who are you’re going to listen to ? » he confides us.

According to Kirill , « Less is more » can be applied to anything ;  not just to photography, but to music, art, and lifestyle. « I just like minimalistic style of photography because of how clean and focused the pictures look. I like the idea of attracting viewer’s attention using negative space, simple lines or just colours. The main purpose of my photos is to expose minimalist philosophy : how much meaning you can deliver using simple language that everybody understands ? « Less is more » is my motto, you can apply it to anything and never go wrong. If my work inspired even one person to take a step back and focus on needless details, it would be the greatest accomplishment to me. » he tells us.

The artist shoots 99% of his photos using iPhone 7. He then uses Photoshop and some Iphone apps to edit and make some final adjustments on them. « The app called A Color Story is my secret weapon ! The vivid bright colours on my pictures actually come from that app. » he says.

You can discover all the photographs of Kirill on his Instagram account, here.