Fifty years after the first moon landing, on July 20th 1969, the emotion is still there. Five decades have passed, but this most remarkable human adventure continues to amaze us…

That’s why a collective decided to create a special edition flip book celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission. Titled “Apollo 11 – An Epic flip book collection celebrating the first moon landing”, this flip book is composed of 2 volumes, The Iconic footage and The Animated journey; each featuring six different photographic sequences from the stages of the Apollo 11 mission. These sequences come directly from NASA archives.

To go further, augmented reality models, representing the Saturn V rocket and the Command and Service Module, are also available. They can be discovered on his smartphone using the application developed in the appendix and entitled “Flipboku Apollo 11 AR app”, available on App Store and Google Play.

A great way to tell the story, but also to understand what really happened during this mystical mission… and dream a bit more. To order it, it’s there.