The Italian studio Carlos Rato Associati has imagined the first graffiti created by drones. Hundreds of visuals have been submitted by contributors to create a unique collaborative work.

The work was made with four drones on which were installed paint bombs. It took 2 days for the 4 machines controlled remotely to fill the 14 meters on 12 of canvas. Three layers of distinct paintings have created a story around this work that had the theme “future of the urban landscape”. A first layer of gray is the base to define the history, a second of magenta represents the communities of Turin and finally the light blue brought together these 2 first layers in order to unify the work.

The city is an open canvas where people can put their stories in multiple ways” says Carlos Riatti.

A work combining art and technology to go beyond the limits of creation. This initiative invites us to wonder about new ways of creating by putting technology at the service of art.

Images Credits: andrea guermani

Images Credits : Andrea Guermani