Claudia Corrent is a freelance photographer based in Bolzano, Italy. More than an images creator, she is also a master in the art of storytelling. Graduated in philosophy, her sensitivity to anthropological and social issues or the relationship between people and the environment is visible in her work.

In her series “Per te, per ricordarti spesso” (in English “For you, to remember her often”) she uses old family photos and archives that she integrates into pictures of modern landscapes. “Per te, per ricordarti spesso” is a sentence she finds on the back of an old family photo and will be the starting point for this timeless series.

« We take photos to remember, to leave a trace of ourselves, of our present and past. Barthes affirmed that thanks to these images we attest to our existence. What we see in the image, therefore, must have existed in some form in front of our eyes. And what if it were not so? If we could use them as a symbolic ground to imagine and create new scenarios? »

With this project, Claudia deconstructs the images of the past to create new ones. The Hebrew word, “Tikkun”, means “to repair,” go back in time and repair past mistakes. That’s exactly what Claudia does with this series that goes beyond reality to change the past, and re-write the story.