Jeff Kepler is a digital designer living in Hermosa Beach in California. 

Ever since he was a young kid, Jeff was always into art. He went to the University of Central Florida and received a bachelors degree in Fine Arts.

Jeff decided to create an Instagram account called « Seventh voyage » in December 2018 although he was an Art Director of Creative Strategy at this time. With his page, he began making photoshop composites, heavily influenced by monsters, dinosaurs, sharks, film posters, games…

« At age four, my uncle showed me the movies The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad and Jason and the Argonauts. I discovered Jurassic Park just after. From then on, I really became obsessed with dinosaurs, monsters, sharks, and crocodiles. So not only do my pieces always contain something like that, they are sometimes a references to older movies or games that really influenced me at a young age. » he tells us.

« I’m trying to create a sense of nostalgia, not just for me but for everyone else. » He confides us. « I love realism so I enjoy the challenge of trying to make something look realistic as possible. »