Lights, nature and sensuality seem to define the photographic work of Montreal-based artist Bianca Des Jardins. Whether she’s going on an adventure in the heart of the unknown or capturing powerful moments of intimacy, her ethereal signature and her dazzling melancholy lead us, one shot at a time, to live in the magical and mindful present. We’ve talked with her.

Which path brought you to photography?

As far as I can remember, the arts have always bordered my life. Whether it was my grandma, who was a painter, or my mother, who spent her afternoons drawing birds outside; my interests were mainly guided by creativity. And they still are today! I developed a passion for photography as a teenager. Clearly, the era of Skyblogs [laughs] pushed me towards this medium. Influenced by the early work of Lara Jade, I wanted to create and share my concepts with the rest of the world.

Mystical and authentic, your pictures plunge us in a universe on the edge of daydream. You also travel a lot and capture many landscapes and striking portraits. What inspires you to create?

Over time, my perception of things when I am behind a camera has evolved to tell a story and capture the subtlety of the moment. All this by adding a touch of fantasy. Light has been and will always be my first muse, but authenticity in all its forms is what comes to me the most. When travelling, we often have the chance to be immersed in a world different from ours, almost as if we were part of a movie! I believe this fascination makes me create, and the wonder brings a touch of je-ne-sais-quoi.

You also work in wedding photography and manage to conceive sensitive photos imbued with your love for nature and simplicity.

What can be more beautiful than photographing the intimate link between two human beings who wish to unite for life? And it’s even more enjoyable when it happens in nature. It is a privilege every time to share moments so powerful and pure, and I often leave these shootings with memories engraved for a long time. I have been specializing in this field for about five years now, and I intend to continue for a few more years! I will also give more wedding photography workshops.

What would be the project of your dreams?

I cherish the dream of publishing my collection of poetry with my images. I’ve been thinking about it for a while. To be continued.

What’s next for you?

Many more travels (it is impossible to stop once the travel bug has bitten you!) and one or several exhibitions for next year. Also, I would like to eventually publish some nature reports captured during my last trips to raise awareness of the current environment and its entire ecosystem. We only have one planet, and as long as I can document it, I would like to share it with the community.

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