Olivier Grossmann is a French designer born in 1975 in Strasbourg. Passionate since he was young by all the forms of artistic expression, he experimented painting, sculpture, engraving and music until he founded, in 2009, his graphic studio « The Créatonautes » with the help of his accomplice Gawain Ramis.

From a bird with a cow head to a giraffe-guitar, from a strawberry-pig to an ostrich with a garlic head, their Instagram account is only transformations and surprising diversions, funny for some, interrogative for others.

According to him, « the world is a permanent change, it is a transformation. This transformation, often invisible, sometimes unexpected, is inevitable. Living organisms, landscapes, technologies, societies : everything changes constantly, at different rates. »

Thanks to this observation, Olivier then had the idea « to associate the concepts in a surprising, antinomic or funny way. Effecting the transformation and associating the contradictions to make react or smile and interrogate. » But interrogating about what ? As he adds : « The diversions help address the grave and the funny all at once, they give everyone the opportunity to have his own reading, his own vision of the world. They are a way of creating a parallel reality that allows us to question about the evolution of the world and its habitants. Is today’s reality the reality of tomorrow ? Will there be a reality tomorrow ? » Let’s meditate.