In order to denounce the millions of tons of plastics used and thrown away every day on the planet as well as the many extinct or endangered species, the Tokyo-based artist Toshihiko Hosaka and his team have conceived a colossal earthwork on the sand named Voice of The Sea News.

Between sculpture and artistic installation; this project wishes by its scale to raise awareness and it self-describes as being a newspaper. Its investigator asked himself: if the ocean could speak, what would it tell us? «We want to speak in a loud voice on behalf of the sea which is suffering in silence. We created a newspaper with an unprecedented size of 50m in length × 35m in width. Our newspaper was created in the midst of nature, by carving it in a shallow ditch that we made on the beach», we can read in Seavoice website.

Voice of the Sea News is located in Chiba prefecture and has been realized in 11 days. Watch the video of its creation to capture the full scope of this initiative as striking as it is essential.