The firm Pelletier de Fontenay collaborated with the architect François Abbott to design and conceive the Hatley house, named after the town where it is located. This property is composed of three connected volumes of equal proportions. According to the point of view, the landscape forming by the buildings evolves and reveals a game of overlays rich in variations. Discreet and innovative, this house finds its place in the heart of Quebec’s nature.

«A few key structural elements define the house: the continuous horizontal concrete foundation, the deep timber lattice façade that wraps around the entire house and the unified galvanized steel roof, all of which help link the volumes to one another. These structuring elements are meant to unify the architecture without simplifying it», we can learn in the press release.

«The house is a reformulation of traditional agricultural forms and materials found in the existing landscape. The roof will oxidize, the wood will grey, and the concrete will disappear behind tall grass. The house belongs to its environment», explains the Montreal-based architect in his website

Credits: James Brittain