« Since a very young age, I have seen many artists make murals in my hometown », says Lidia Cao. The Spanish artist born in Ordes, north of Galicia, discovered muralism in 2016, « and I fell in love with this format immediately », she adds. As a real self-taught, the artist has never been to particular classes of drawings but she manages to offer unique and even emotional pieces of art. « I’m inspired by the human figure, especially females ones. The rawness of human being and his concerns makes me want to create. I also like sober styles and I love to add a bit of the dark side of humanity. What also inspires me is nature and what she gives us, it is so important. Finally, I would say everything that I live inspires me in my creations : my emotions, my travels and everyone that cross my way ».

Found more about her work on her Instagram page : @lidiacao