« I see everyday life in an artistic way, as if it were my own film and I had the opportunity to write the script of what is happening to my character at each new step it takes». Photographer and art director, Delfi Carmona expresses her creativity through delicate and melancholic images. By mixing warm tones, meticulous compositions and natural light, the photographer has created a universe with a very recognizable style.

What are the main steps of your relationship to photography?

My relationship with photography was born in my adolescence and early youth. I come from the world of theater and stage direction and that has a direct connection with my current work, whether it is when I’m posing in front of a camera or directing another person, also when composing my photographic scenes or when I have to think the art direction of a project. From the first moment I had a camera in my hands I realized that was what I wanted to do. It was the beginning of a lifelong relationship, which has its ups and downs like any relationship but that feeds every day my desire to continue creating and self-recognizing myself through art.

The play of light and shadow is almost omnipresent in your work, why and how has this become your main source of inspiration and artistic signature?

I was always fascinated by natural light, it’s my favorite light to create. Especially I love working with sunlight and seeing how it impacts on the elements, how it emphasizes certain details, how it relates directly to color, brightness, etc. I think it has to do a bit with the possibility of marveling at something that seems so simple and at the same time is so complex to control and use. I like to work with shadows conceptually, to express an idea or a feeling. I like them visually and I like the delicacy and intimacy they suggest, the possibility of showing ourselves without showing us completely. I also feel that it’s another element in a composition that can help us to complete an image, to give more visual strength to the elements. 

Which photographers influenced you the most? 

I don’t feel that there’s a particular photographer who has influenced my work at this moment, I feel that the influences and inspiration come from many different places and are interwoven to create a network in the artist’s mind. I am inspired by many artists, I am inspired by small acts of daily life, things that have happened to me throughout my life, I also get inspired by people I talk to every day and learn a lot from them. We are influenced by many things nowadays with the level of constant exposure to visual stimuli, for good and for bad. The important thing is to learn to unravel and absorb what is special and unique, that which resonates internally and empowers who we are. If I have to talk about specific visual influences I think I could name, for example, the paintings of Edward Hopper, his use of color and light completely move me and inspire me.

Do you have upcoming projects?

Absolutely! I’m working on my first online photography course, it will be based on my use of natural light and the possibility of learning to self-portray creatively. You will also have some tips on art direction and color editing.Another project that excites me a lot is a trip that I will make in the next few months where I will settle in Paris and Berlin and work there for a while.In the not too distant future I imagine myself living and working on new projects in some European city.

« I believe that the perseverance I achieved in my work is related to the passion, pleasure and love that generates me almost like nothing else in the world. »