Feliks Kaparchuk (alias ColorbyFeliks) is a talented and mostly self-taught artist. With acrylic on canvas as the main medium, he also uses wood panel, venial records, and wearable pieces such as bags or jackets. « I went to a thrift store and grabbed a denim jacket to paint on and they were a big hit, I had a lot of fun incorporating art and fashion since I have a background of working in the modeling industry », he says. Inspired by everything he found around him, Feliks explained being especially interested in nature and colors. 

Wearing one of his pieces means walking with unique art creation. A real full experience for who can live it. « I would like people who wear my art to feel unique and confident, like what their wearing is something special and in turn makes them feel special and beautiful like a piece of art! », says he. « I want my work to be portrayed as bright, uplifting and encouraging. If my work can make a difference in someone’s life or speak to them in that way, that is the goal for me », he finishes.