Manuelo Bececco is sharing with us the wonder of the forest. And more particularly, the Casentino Forests, in the eponym National Park, in Tuscany. The result of his pictures was made possible after some experimentations: « I remember that I had mounted a zoom 24-70 f2.8 on the machine, but I realized that it was too long at 24 mm, so I changed the lens I put on a 14 mm. From there I opened up a world. The trees became very high, the distortion of the lens curved them and I started to elaborate it with a bit of wonder. Because I liked so much what I was doing, I took photos on photos ». As he fell in love with this place, Manuelo explains that he now goes there one month a year, with his family, to capture the beauty of autumn. More than the forest itself, the photographer is fascinated by trees. Which are still a source of inspiration for him. « I find them particularly intriguing. If they could talk, I could probably listen to their stories for hours. A little bit like our grandparents. Think of a secular tree… How many thinks it would have to tell us. If I Think about it, it is like making a portrait at a person. You have to chose the best pose that makes it beautiful, fascination and mysterious, wait for the right light and shoot »