To make a portrait of someone, it is possible to paint or to photograph for example. But the Finnish artist Liisa Hietanen uses something different … She crochets and knits life-size doubles of inhabitants of her village Hämeenkyrö (and sometimes, even their pets !). For this series called Villagers, she meets her models in natural everyday situations. « The process of choosing a model is intuitive. The person depicted might be someone I meet in the library, in the locker room of the gym or walking their dog on the way home », she explains on her website. In terms of realization, her work is really amazing. As she never had any earlier background in yarn-based handcrafts, Liisa explained that she used what she learned during her art studies and turned these techniques into her sculpting methods. « After settling in Hämeenkyrö I wanted my work in the village to be meaningful both for myself and the others living there. When each Villager sculpture is finished I bring them to public sites in Hämeenkyrö for the locals to see », she says.