With all the wonderful portraits being diffused on social media and on the internet on a daily basis, it’s breathtaking to see the best of the best featured in a single competition. LensCulture’s 2019 Portrait Awards attracted the works of photographers from 20 countries on five continents across the globe. Interpretations were wide and varied, ranging from self portraits to documentary styles, studio-like set-ups to spontaneous photoshoots, or traditional to contemporary techniques. Some entries had ongoing narratives behind their images, while others focus simply on the straightforward beauty of an interesting face.

One of the jurors, Anne Farrar of National Geographic Traveler, mentioned that “The body of work presented through these awards, at this time, in this moment, is so reflective of our world.”

Below are mix of winning entries from the 39 winners, jurors’ picks and finalists of the competition. Head over here to see all the winning images.

Marinka Masséus, Netherlands, 1st Place – Series Category

Soomin Ham, United States, 2nd Place – Series Category

Mary Berridge, United States, 3rd Place – Series Category

Daniel Lyons, United States, 1st Place – Single Image Category

Aude Carleton, France, 2nd Place – Single Image Category

Laura Pannack, United Kingdom, 3rd Place – Single Image Category

Charlie de Keersmaecker, Belgium – Juror’s Picks (Selected by Anne Farrar)

Pablo Solórzano, Mexico – Juror’s Picks (Selected by Richard Renaldi)

Elena Paraskeva, Cyprus – Juror’s Picks (Selected by Jennifer Murray)

Rafael Goldchain, Canada – Juror’s Picks (Selected by Manila Camarini)