Before making Hot An his home in 2011, Réhahn had traveled throughout Vietnam for 8 years. The photographer has a mission: to meet and photograph all 54 of the registered ethnic groups. The result is what constituted now his Precious Heritage portrait collection, exhibited in his eponym museum. A way, for him, to share with the public the knowledge of these diverse ethnic groups through portraits, stories, music, and traditional outfits. For now, Réhahn documented 53 of the 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam, plus numerous subgroups. 

Precious Heritage project started in 2011 after traveling to the north of Vietnam, where he met an incredible craftsmanship: the Red Dao. Their handmade textiles inspired him to learn more about the other types of traditional costumes worn in this country. The photographer then decided to meet only a few tribes. But the more he discovered, the more he wanted to learn. A perfect occasion for us, to discover the incredible cultural diversity present in Vietnam.