If still-life painting is an aspect of the artistic field that may seem outdated, it is in fact a consummate art of observation, which has survived through the ages and remains the field of choice for many artists today. Amanda Baldwin, for example, paints still lifes in a style that is both pop and nostalgic, similar to collages, but presents itself as landscapes and reads like books. His work is based on a societal reflection, which is expressed in the attention paid to detail, whether in terms of overall composition, which often plays on levels of reading, or in the realism of certain objects, damaged, too ripe, about to fall…

Ripe Sight, 33×42, Oil on Canvas

Lemon Lineup, 33×42,Oil on Canvas

An Orange, A Kiwi, 33×42, Oil on Canvas

A Matte Polish, 33×42, Oil on Canvas