« We are all connected to natural environments so if I’m able to bring some of that into people’s busy lives, even for a split second, then I’m glad », says John Dean. This Australian self taught photographer that takes pictures on his spare time offers unique views on some Australians daily life. « Many of us have a connection to the ocean. We do live on a massive island after all. Growing up on the coast, swimming has always been a huge part of my life and there are plenty of great beaches in Sydney just a short drive from my house. So we can say that it’s an easy subject to shoot and my favorite one ».

« Drone and aerial photography has opened up a whole new perspective. Drones are very affordable these days so views from above are becoming more accessible. I love the angles you’re able to achieve with the drone and the shapes and colors it is able to pick up ».

Found more about his work on his Instagram page : @johndean