Antonio Schubert is a photographer. Child of Rio de Janeiro, he still lives under the statue of the great Christ the Redeemer. A city that presents a singular relief, historically extended between the sea and several mountains such as Corcovado and Pão Açucar. These fantastic landscapes fill his imagination from his childhood, when he traveled to the countryside, to the back of the car with his parents, to visit his grandparents. Travels that had, in frame steep cliffs that were, in his mind, very dangerous. « In my imagination, the mountain that I saw in Rio, on the way to school, was the same I saw 100 kilometers from the city. […] Everything for me was a dream of mountains and forests », says he.

The difficult accessibility of the places photographed by Antonio Schubert gives his series an even more enchanting dimension. A discovery of the enigmatic and mysterious treasure that are the Brazilian forests, through his eyes. Two parameters which give his work its magical appearance, and reminds us of how he felt, as a child, in the back of the car. As an adult, this desire, this call of the “wild” remains tenacious: « The first time I went to Parque Nacional de Itatiaia in 1981, I saw one cabin in the middle of a green ocean, practically unreachable at 1300 meters of altitude. I wondered who would live there and what kind of life this person would have […] I promised myself that one day I would find the way to get there ». A promise kept 34 years later.