Stephen Wilkes‘ Day to Night project began in 2009. The talented photographer, represented by the Parisian gallery Gallerie GADcollection, photographs urban and non-urban landscapes from a fixed camera angle for up to 30 hours. All the pictures then taken (on average 1500) are blended to become a single image. A process that takes months to complete. « For me, this was a photographic challenge as I explored many paths to accomplish this goal. There are so many unique approaches to visualizing time through photography, and I wanted a technique that was all my own », he explains. Overall, in his work, Stephen Walkins wants the viewer to feel the time spent in photography. « When you are a collector and you are missing the final piece for the collection, you will go through unbelievable lengths to get it. I love collecting moments of magic. That’s what I do, and in essence that is what the Day to Night project encompasses », says he. His shots offer an almost dreamlike and surreal view of different places, which looks even more magical behind the lens.