Tim Mckenna’s life is linked with the ocean. An element he loves, works with and lives by. Born in Sydney, he has been traveling the world for the last 20 years. His passionate work has been used as covers and stories for over 40 specialized sports publications, mainstream magazines, and book collections. Now based in Tahiti with his wife and son, he is striving to capture the magic of the Polynesian islands and people. In his work, Tom shows the beauty and the power of the ocean through different ways like drone photography, landscapes and action sports such as surf, kitesurf, windsurf among others. In those, he combines with talent aestheticism that highlights at the same time the incredible backdrop and strength of the effort. 

« I have been playing in the ocean since I was a kid and started surfing at age 13 years, so I always passionate about watersports […] You have to have a connection with the ocean and understand how it works to be able to play with it », he says. 

More photographs to discover on his Instagram @Timmckenna