In « Strawpocalypse », the Canadian artist Benjamin Von Wong creates a true visual and artistic warning signal. An idea that came together with Zero Waste Saigon, a Vietnamese non-profit organization that aims to help people to reduce their waste. The result is a life-size wave made of exactly 168,037 plastic straws. A powerful way to raise awareness, while offering a second life to this recycled waste. Starbucks partially sponsored this project by installing used straw collection bins in a number of its stores in Vietnam. Zero Waste Saigon helped too thanks to clean-up groups. After six months of these plastic harvests, the straws had to be washed, sorted and color-coded.

This installation was recognized by the Guinness World Records as the “largest straw sculpture“: 3.3 meters high, 8 meters long and 4.5 meters wide. Visitors can walk within this wave, this « parting of the plastic sea” in two parts. A stroll to understand the sad current situation as to the huge amounts of plastics dumped into the ocean.

More of his work to discover on his Instagram @Vonwong