Arnaud Moro is a young self-taught photographer from South of France. Intended for a career as an architect for which he studied for five years, the artist began photography randomly after the annulation of his final internship in London. « After graduating, I wanted to try being a photographer and said to myself, if it does not work, you will go back to architecture. It’s been almost four years. It is kind of a success ». A successful challenge that leads us into this unique series, offering a new look on travels and evasion. With these magical images, Arnaud Moro gives a singular vision from airplaines portholes accross various destinations. From France to Norway, Canada to New-York, Los Angeles to London, he offers here a marvelous moment out of time.

Photography wasn’t a vocation for you, how did you discovered it ? 

I started randomly in 2011. I was offered a camera when I cas in my first year of architecture school in Marseille. I didn’t knew anything about it, but I immediately hung to it. Even if my level at that time wasn’t high. Little by little, I made my way, finding my universe and colorimetry. It takes a lot ot time to learn about yourself in photography. Finding the postprod that suits and how to reach it when you don’t have any experience in retouching, this is not easy. But I made it !


How did you came up with the idea of making a photographic series on airplanes portholes ?

It began in December 21, 2012. I was flying to London and I remember being on a middle seat. It was early in the morning. I took a picture in which the porthole appeared and told myself I will never use this shot. After that, in every trip I took, I managed to sit on the porthole side and I was shooting. Then one day, a few years later, I went through my hard drive and realized I could collect these pictures and make a series. Like the frame of a painting, here, the frame of the portholes is a part of the composition. What’s funny is that for each picture, I remember on which flight I was, just by observing the clouds.

What does inspires you in your work ? 

I am inspired by photographers like Arnaud Montagnard or Andre Josselin. I cherish pictures that tell a story. Images that have something esle in the rendering thanks to the composition and framing. For a long time, I needed photos of inspiration to create, but now, I really do what I like with the ideas that comes through my head. The funny thing is that it is more often the pictures that I don’t have interest in that works best ! And those I adore, works less. I am also inspired by videos and I am actually working on a documentary as a personal project. It is about the adventure in Nepal of a model I met in Paris during a shooting. I hope I will bring back something that will inspire.

Found more about his work on his Instagram page : @arnaudmoro