On 14 and 15 February, the prestigious Awwwards event was held in Amsterdam, dedicated to UX, UI and web design. Adobe was one of its privileged partners. As we told you before, the ally of the creative has offered several live sessions for two days, whose replays are available here.

We were able to interview Rufus Deuchler, Principal Manager of Creative Cloud Evangelism, Adobe who works year-round with Adobe’s creative community. He looks back on the trends that will punctuate the UX / UI design soon but also on the importance of organizing an event such as Awwwards.

©Arnaud Steckle

Can you introduce yourself in a few words? What is your role within Adobe?

My name is Rufus Deuchler and I work with the Adobe Creative Cloud community. My role is to engage with the creative community around the world to make sure our tools showcase their creative workflow on a daily basis.

The Awwwards event has just ended. Why do you think this event is so important today in the world of UX design and innovation?

Awwwards is a prestigious event that recognizes the incredible work of our creative community. For us at Adobe, Awwwards is an incredible opportunity to interact directly with UI / UX designers. We work tirelessly to be recognized every day as the tool of choice for this precious community.

©Arnaud Steckle

What are the main points to remember from the event? What did you like the most?

Awwwards is a whirlwind of activities! Hundreds of people enjoyed the discussions, networking and, of course, the awards ceremony. Personally, I spent most of my time on the Adobe Live booth interviewing 24 guests, which is very rewarding for me because I was able to discuss the latest trends and industry insights with incredibly talented people.Quels seraient les trois défis qu’un designer UX devrait relever pour réussir dans son travail ?

I do not like to talk about challenges, I prefer to talk about opportunities. We have the incredible opportunity to make our passion a profession and to use our support of expression and creation at the heart of our profession. My advice to young creators and students is to stay focused on what they imagine to be and do in the future, and work hard to get there. This is particularly relevant for UX designers, as it is a creative skill that can be applied to different platforms such as the web, gaming, video, motion design … and so on. The question of user experience lies at the heart of every media.

What are the UX / UI design trends that interest you the most?

The trend that fascinates me the most is without a doubt the voice. This is a stimulating opportunity for the UI / UX community as it does not need buttons, hyperlinks or clicks. She is self-sufficient. It will be an interesting concept that designers will need to think about as it develops.

©Arnaud Steckle

Could you tell us more about the new features of Adobe XD (support for automatic animation in browsers, different accents, dialects, and languages in voice prototyping)?

The world of Adobe XD is extremely exciting and we are constantly looking for new features, to make it more efficient and more varied. Adobe XD is a relatively young tool but it is growing so fast.

We have an ambitious roadmap, and we are committed to releasing a new version of XD every month or more. This is bold and exciting as it allows us to introduce features that work at a much higher speed than other tools such as Photoshop or InDesign.

After MAX, we announced Auto-Animate and recently announced support for automatic animation in the browser. This allows users to share their animation with customers and view their work directly on their own web browser.

©Arnaud Steckle

For more information on the new features of Adobe XD, click here.

Being present and partner of an event such as Awwwards, allows Adobe to show its leading role in a field in perpetual evolution with creatives ever more imaginative.