« Salt in Western Australia has become an environmental issue as a result of over clearing of native vegetation for agricultural purposes », says Leah Kennedy. The Australian photographer decided to jump into a Cessna 210 « which has no wing struts and retractable landing gear » to take this marvelous series called « Salis », between Perth and Lake Moore, in Australia. « In what is naturally an arid, dry and saline landscape, removing the vegetation causes groundwater to rise bringning salt to the surface, this happens naturally in parts of Western Australia. But the clearing of land has accelerated and exacerbated this process. The result is extremely damaging to the native flora and fauna, raising the salinity to dangerous levels in natural water sources. For this series, I wanted to contrast this decay, degradation and decline against an abstract image that is hopefully quite beautiful ».

« In the Cessna 210, I usually get doors removed or shoot out of an open window so I can have the camera outside of the aircraft. This part ot the series followed the trail of old river systems through the area between Perth and Lake Moore which is about 300km north east of Perth ».

Found more about her work on her Instagram page : @leahkennedyphotography