« At the end of the day, I want people to see my work and feel like they’ve escaped to a different world », says Carolina Ines. This New-York artist is as oncology searcher and does photography and editing in her spare time. She discovered photography as a hobby and sell her first camera to move to Los Angeles, « thinking I wouldn’t miss it so much. I realized I still had a major desire to create and to photograph, so I began using my iPhone to capture everything I found interesting around me », she adds.

« Because the iPhone lens I was using at that time had a much deeper depth of field than the lens on the DSLR I was using, I had to shift the way I hotographed to avoid having my work look cluttered. It altered the way I saw the world, and my photography became a lot more minimalistic, with a major focus on composition and negative space. I think the entire experience has taught me to challenge myself creatively and to use the tools you have available to you. I try to get every photo compositionally right in-camera so that I don’t have to waste too much time cropping and editing, making color the only thing I have to focus on. I love patterns, colors, and a good gradient, so I post photos based on their color to make my page aesthetically pleasing ».

Found more about her work on her Instagram page : @jelloet