« I was immediately fascinated by the lighthouses and their history. It was impressive to learn how people has always tried to make the coast safer for shipping », says Fritz Widmer. This self-taught nature photographer based at the edge of the foothills of the Alps, in Zurich Oberland, Switzerland, took a one week trip to the French island of Ushant for this unique natural and lighthouses related series. From the construction of the lighthouse La Jument to the Nividic lighthouse and the Creac’h, their inspirational histories are here explored by the artist. « In the reports of Ouessant, there were always five lighthouses mentioned. But when I looked through my photos, I suddenly had shots of six lighthouses! I realized that in the reports the smallest tower was not mentioned: Men Korn Lighthouse. And this one should not be missing. It’s the one that appears in the pictures with the rolling wave, it’s one of my favorite pictures, taken with a 30 years old 500 mm mirror-lens for analogue cameras ».

« I appreciate the challenge of reading nature and landscape : what exactly do I like about this view and how can I translate it best into a picture ? I don’t really plan my images in detail in advance because I love the element of surprise when I discover a landscape for the first time. I am also driven by the weather and its mood that can’t be planned. For example, a small hole in the cloud cover and suddenly a boring motif becomes an eye-catcher. Then you must be ready for the shot ».