« I had seen many photos of Southern Oregon Coast and had been drawn to it for a while, so we packed the car and drove from Seattle for a three nights stay », explains Nathaniel Wise.  This adventure and travel photographer that is a little bit obsessed with living on the road exploring, offers here a unique view on Oregon with this series called « Beauty of the Oregon Coast ». Poetical, majestical and inspirational, these pictures are a marvelous way to discover this naturally luxurious place. « I want others to feel the same connection with the outdoors as I do. Whether they already feel that way or not. I think it’s the most important connection we can have in life. Being enamored by nature, photography is an outlet for me to express that feeling. I’m particularly inspired by the mountains and the sea, they’re two of my favorite subjects ».

« I discovered photography initially as a teenager, it was a fun creative outlet in high school. But I lived in a city and wasn’t too inspired by the setting. I wound up getting rid of my camera. Fast forward, seven or eight years and that changed. I moved out to Washington State, started hiking and camping, I immediately felt the urge to get back into it. I’d never been around such beautiful places and felt the need to document what I was seeing ».

Found more about his work on his Instagram page : @nathanielwise