Maurice Heesen is a photographer and director from Amsterdam, Netherlands that discovered photography in Indonesia, twenty-five years ago, during his six year journey around the world. « I had to do a visa run through Singapore. There, I bought my first camera. I got completely addicted from day one. I set out on my motorbike every day to take pictures », he says. This magical series taken in the Mount Bromo in Java, Indonesia, was shot during his road trip from Jakarta to Lombok with his wife and son. « I was on Bromo more than twenty years ago. Back then I was very impressed with the scenery. So I wanted to show it to my wife and seven years old son. It was very different because there were much more tourists ».

« When we went together i noticed all the local men that were offering horses to the tourists to make the trip up the volcano. I wanted to take some pictures of them in the early morning fog that’s hanging in the crater, so i asked a local to take me there the next morning before sunrise. We went on a motorbike through the ashes inside the big crater. The fog was so dense that we couldn’t see anything. But I trusted the guy knowing the direction. At a certain moment he pulled his brakes full on. We stopped a mm before a 5 meter deep gorge. I guess he didn’t knew it that well! When we arrived at the spot there were a couple of people there and it was still dark. Once the sun came up, I started shooting ».

Found more about his work on his Behance page: @mauriceheesen