Born in Switzerland, Pierre Pellegrini is a photographer. In this series, he offers to the viewer, the opportunity to interpret his work freely, and to let emotions get to them. Here, is represented the calm beauty of winter, in black and white photographs where the contrasts are magnified between the snow and the other composition’s elements, natural or not. Pellegrini doesn’t know in advance the themes of his different series. He prefers to let the « encounter between what he feels inside, what he would like to find and what he sees » inspire him. « I am always looking for the aesthetic sense, the beauty, the order, the elegance present in nature. As if everything were perfectly balanced, in harmony, in harmony. A sort of perfection where no element prevails over the other », he adds. 

For these pictures, Pierre Pellegrini used the technique of long exposure, one he particularly appreciates: « Through the technique of long exposure, the reality is partly transformed. As it Is true that some elements are reproduced as they are, it is also true that some, especially those who have the ability to move from one physical state to another like water and clouds, appear in a new form, detaching themselves from visual reality ».