« I feel like I’m drawn to China, because I feel a deep connection to it’s culture and people », reveals Viktoria Porsche. This Ukrainian born photographer that spent most of her adult life living in Germany, has started photography by herself, when she settled in China around ten years ago. With this series called « feel the sand IV, China », the artist went on a family roadtrip in the Badain-Jaran-Desert, part of the Gobi desert in northern China. « It took us five or six hours from where we started to reach this place in the desert by car. The pictures weren’t planned, only the trip was. I didn’t knew what to expect. For example, I wasn’t entirely prepared for the climate and the local conditions. The temperature would drop to -35°C, the cell phones wouldn’t work and for roughly 200 miles we were (with the exception of a few local people) the only human beings out there. We visited in December and during that month, the entire area is usually closed of for tourists. But because I speak Chinese, we could arrange for one of the local drivers, who was in expert in “managing” tourists in the desert, to get us in there ».

« The adventures we went on are hardly describable in a few sentences, though I can say that it was a very harsh, but unforgettable journey ».