« I’ve always been moved by drawing and painting from an early age. My favourite thing to do was to carry a notebook and some pencils because I wasn’t really about toys. I guess that was my own main form of entertainment », says Cristina BanBan. This Spanish artist that lives in London started art classes when she was only five years old. « I had my first encounter with painting. It was a small school but with a strong community in my home town near Barcelona called El Prat. I spent time with older people, amateurs and professionals that shared this love for painting. They could spend hours talking about how beautiful was a cadmium red or how well was depicted a table clothe hanging with a couple of lemons ».

With her unique painting skills and huge experience, Cristina BanBan makes singular and inspiring art pieces. « I believe that art is a passion for everybody who works as a visual artist. For me, it’s more than a passion, it’s a lifestyle. I can’t separate painting from my daily life, everything is related to it. My inspirations are active people and their stories. I would say my work is also autobiographic and I believe that even paintings are not made of real events, they reveal what’s going on in life. In a more personal or indirect way, my work always carry some references that are true to me even if it takes times to realize it ».

Found more about her work on her Instagram page : @cristina_banban