« It was my first tropical island vacation and I wanted to take as many pictures as possible to remember it », says Mischelle Moy. This New-York City raised and based photographer went on a two weeks trip around Hawaï’s Big Island and offers a unique tropical inspired and bright colored series. « We stayed around Kailua-Kona most of the time and did a road trip to the other side of the island where Hilo is. We had planned to explore Volcanoes National Park during the trip as well but Kïlauea was actively erupting before and during our stay ». Studying and graduating with a BFA in photography and video from the School of Visual Arts, the artist is « inspired by everything », she says. From the history of the world to people, cultures, the galaxy, magic, surrealism, the environment and parallel universes, dreams and emotions, « and some more material inspiration from music, fashion, other photographers, painters, fleeting moments and stories », she adds.

« It’s important for me to leave this crazy busy city every once in a while and get some fresh air, see the horizon, the water, the sun rising and setting, or even just a vast acres of grass and trees. It is important for me to take images of landscapes and natural scenes because they are the only proof of ever seeing it. When I shoot, I never know what the final product will lok like. Sometimes, it could take a week and sometimes a couple of months or years until I make “the” photo. I shape and refine them when I want to revisit those memories ».

Found more about her work on her Instagram page : @lilmisch