« We went to the Alpstein mountains that are close to my hometown with some friends to do some hiking. And I really didn’t knew what to expect », says Marina Weishaupt. This young German photographer passionate about nature, animals and the environment is « the happiest while being on the road exploring the beauty of this planet ». For this unique natural series, the artist hiked about 1h45 to the gondola station on the top of these magical ountains.

« At first, we all just were super happy that we made it because it was a really hot day. So we decided to have a break and some cold drinks. We didn’t even realize the fact that the blue sky slowly got covered with some light clouds while we sat there. But as we went to the view point, we saw that the sun and the soft clouds were creating this beautiful atmosphere as the sunbeams brightened up the landscape. This moment was truly a serendipity ».

Found more about her work on her Instagram page : @marinaweishaupt