Alice Zilberberg gives the viewers the occasion to take a meditative break while watching her animal montages. Internationally acclaimed and an award-winner, the artist proposes a series of what she calls « digital paintings ». They are composed of photographs Alice took from all over the world. Enthroned in the center of the composition, the wild animals, such as the buffalo, zebra, or the bear, take place in different backgrounds from different places: Iceland, Canada, and across the US. «Some are a combination of two or three. All the pieces are put together and are married with elements of toning, coloring, and digital painting. », she explains.  After thinking of how many people experience stress, due to our way of life and the tendency we have to think of the past or the future, she did this series as a form of self-therapy. « One way I’ve found to experience peace and staying in the moment is by observing wild animals. They live more from moment to moment. This is why I created the series, to be more connected with the present moment, in a sort of a meditation ».